Smash my teeth until they crumble , coat your hands with shards of white against the clotted slime of my blood.

Pick up a mallet and pound my feet until I can't stand and fall to the red-spattered floor.

Kick my ribs over and over, pick up your black boots again and again and put all your strength into my demise. Once my middle has caved in be sure to dig in your heels and lift my bones up through my broken skin.

Nail my hands to the floor and jump on them so I can hear the tendons creak and bones crack. Jump until they swell and split, unrecognisable to both you and I.

Clutch at my face, dig out my eyeballs, pull until I'm left with two blood filled cavities and you with two unclean orbs in your hands. Stuff them into my gaping mouth, spit into my hollowed sockets, stir the saliva-mess that is a mixture of mangled teeth, clots of blood, broken lips and torn eyes.

Piss into my eye sockets, throw stones and boulders at my head, jump on my torso and saw off my legs. Rotate my arms until they snap, chop at my neck until I'm decapitated, pull my nails from their beds.

Do what you want.