Sometimes its ok to turn your head as i walk by.
Sometimes its ok to enjoy the way my ass looks in a tight pair of pants.
Sometimes its ok to watch me bench press in a little work-out outfit.
Or to watch me jog.
Or watch the faces i make on the dance floor and wonder what other faces i make, and when.
Sometimes its ok to read the message on my tight t-shirt.
Sometimes its ok to stare at my ass as i go up the stairs ahead of you.
Sometimes its ok to look down my shirt when i'm tying my shoe laces.
Sometimes its ok to take pleasure in how i eat my ice cream.
Or how i giggle.
Or how i fiddle with my hair when i'm bored.
Sometimes its ok to watch me put my lip gloss on.

Because you are who i want to like me.

Because sometimes i want to be an object of desire.

And i recognize that it's natural for you to look.
Just don't do it too often. Don't do it for too long.
I may notice, but don't let me *see* you do it.
And don't let my boyfriend see you.

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