While "The Lion King" might seem like a fun, animated film featuring warthogs, hyenas, and, of course, lions dancing around to popular showtunes, it is really just Disney propaganda designed to corrupt America's youth. Observe the following evidence (note the high sarcasm)...

  • Beauty And The Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc., all took place outside of Africa, and featured human characters. The Lion King takes place in Africa, and features nothing but animals. This was intentionally done to imply that inhabitants of Africa are uncivilized animals.
  • The villain Scar is clearly homosexual, based on how he talks and his effeminate gestures. He is also ugly, black, and loses because he prefers using intelligence to solve problems rather than violence, which is the only way problems are solved in this film.
  • When Scar takes over and integrates the hyenas and lions into one culture, the result is a barren wasteland and the total breakdown of society. This is clearly Disney vocalizing its opinion on segregation of race.
  • The heroes in the film are voiced by white American actors, while the villains are voiced by actors of ethnic origin (Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin). This is because people with ethnic accents are bad and should be feared.
  • The hyenas are a metaphor for urban blacks. They speak in gang slang, live in an elephant graveyard which mirrors the blackboard jungle of the inner city.
  • The illusion of nobility by birth is reinforced in the film, as Simba is destined to become ruler solely because he was born of the current king, Mufasa. There is no way for any of the animals to escape their class castes, except by treachery and murder. All other animals must be subservient to the golden lions, which are metaphors for the American upper class.
  • The birth of Simba parallels the birth of Christ. The animals follow a star (the sun) to the place of Simba's birth, where they bow to the future king.
  • Females in the film are subservient and require a man around. When their male leader leaves the pride lands, they cannot fight Scar on their own. It takes the return of the alpha male to restore the land to its previous glory.
  • And of top of all that, there's also the smoke signal that spells out the word "SEX" just before Mufasa's ghost appears.
What? You didn't see any of that? You just saw a cool cartoon about some funny animals that fought and danced? Yeah, that's what just about every kid under 15 saw. It's a good thing we have all of these sociologists and psychologists and film critics around, huh?

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