Melissophobia AKA Apiphobia

Fear of Bees (Often through a specific trauma)

Usually connected with Spheksophobia (wasps fear).

Not entirely irrational but something that can actually make itself worse with time. see avoidance principle

I feared neither wasp nor bee until I was 15 years old.  I was stung.  It hurt a lot.  I avoided being near lots of bees or wasps (bins), I would strike out at them "first" and inevitably they stung me.  I thought they could taste my fear.  It was simpler I frightened the hapless things with my sudden dashes for safety it was I who caused my pain.  I had to learn that Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy and then I could take control of my life back from the bees and wasps.

Movies melissophobics should avoid:


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