a.k.a. Myxophobia

Irrational fear of slime.

One of the "imaginary set" of fears where the subjects imagination often worsens the problem. Anything "slimy" is feared for a often non-central and illogical reason.  Common in sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and or schizophrenia

To overcome such a fear try these simple steps
Do each until you get little or no fear response

  • Say "SLIME" loudly and gleefully as a child would.
    Say "Sludge", "Gunge", "Goo" and other words - try doing it at random by creeping up behind people and shouting it to make them jump. Have fun with it.
  • Look at a picture of slime every day
  • Go to a safe place to look at slime
  • Have a friend put some slime in a sealed tank
  • look at it everyday until you feel confident to open the lid
  • open the lid everyday until you feel you can touch it

You are cured when you can sneak up on your friend and slap a handful of the evil looking stuff on them and run of shouting "I love slime whaa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa" or something equally silly.

Movies to avoid

the slime thing
Ghost busters (slimer is a ghost made of slime)

Also avoid the kinda of Saturday morning kids television that features the gunge tank or equilivant.

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