A jam band composed of John Myers, Mark Friedman and brothers Andrew and Brad Barr. Their band formed without Andrew and with a Bassist named John Myers. John Myers phased out of the trio before their enrollment at Berkelee School of Music. They practiced at this academy until 1996, when the band took their minimalistic jazz fusions to tour professionally, and nearly permanently.

This amazing group travels extensively, including a trip to Africa that led to Andrew using a great amount of exotic percussion in his highly inventive, nearly yet never discordant drumming. The Slip is most at home in Rhode Island, where they play an annual New Year's ball at the Rhodes on the Pawtuxet. Shows all along the East Coast take place, which are found easiest at jambase.com though RI fans can just wait for an inexpensive show at AS220 in Providence.

Aside from the CD recordings of every show available from fans and even at the door occasionally, this trio currently have four albums available through mass distribution/record labels:

From the Gecko (1996) KA

Does (2000) Flying Frogs

Angels Come On Time (2002, recorded in Phish's barn) Rykodisk

Live Is My Jumby (2002) KA

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