This is allegedly: fear of wooden objects and forests

The similarity to Xylophone made me wonder as to the legitimateness of this. In a non-award winning bid to answer this and other less important questions I turned to the internet.

Xylo perhaps meaning wood was clearly a good starting fact, but what kind of wood? "Pants" wood(!)? or tree wood. We would have to assume tree's or the humour of this quest could get very dirty, especially if the disrobed, clothes fearing, Vestiphobes got involved.  Now was perhaps not the time for laughter as yet another spelling checking engine asks did we mean xenophobia?  

So Xylo- means wood or so we perhaps think, but why?  how?  it all seemed far too strange.

Xylophobia is the fear of forests. So sayeth probertencyclopaedia.com.

Fred L. Holtz PhD (www.therapy-now.com) gives fear of forests as Xylophobia but also gives hylophobia as fear of forests

Hermit Dave a.k.a. Brother Dave Lister (http://www.geocities.com/brodavelister/etcetera/fears.htm) and also gives "Nyctohylophobia: Forests, at night - fear of forests at night (or of dark wooded areas)". So now we know it's true (!)


Extreme fear of hearing wooden mallets striking wooden blocks.
"She could not attend Lionel Hampton's concert since she suffered from xylophobia."

This is nearer the Xylophone point that first started all this.

XYLOPHOBIA is vibist Steve Shapiro's first recording as a leader. Teaming-up with Nashville guitarist Pat Bergeson. Joining them are bassist Marc Johnson, drummer Danny Gottlieb, and pianist Kevin Hays... oh and horn players: Tim Ries, Mike Davis, and Jim Hynes.  Whoever all these guys are... 

Steve Shapiro's site is www.xylophobia.com.

So now what we are left without clear guidance as to the answer, but then again you shouldn't believe everything you read.


Internet research has once again not come up clear on this one. I'm gonna have to hit the books!

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