Secret Me-Meta-Node Challenge

as Judged by: Lord Brawl, my votes, any user that passes it, and who knows who else...

Less than 0 Days to Go!

News: Many people are interested to see what the better fiction writers will do with this.

Me-Meta-Node: An apparently conventional write-up that happens to also be a meta-node for all your nodes to date.

The aim: to create a single write-up that mentions by exact title every write-up you have in the E2 database so far, while at the same time producing a quality node entry that is entirely self sufficient.

This is of course a particularly challenging challenge and will be harder the higher levelled you are.  For each person this challenge/quest will pose different and unique challenges be that going from Sin to Jam Pudding via TextBox & Xylophobia; or the inclusion of aliens ate my hamster with 30 autonoded recipes for sponge cake.  We are all guilty of a few not-quite crimes in the general ebb and flow of node titles.  Do you dare take the Secret Me-Meta-Node Challenge and pay your debt?

The "Rules":

  • Unless told it should be impossible for the casual observer to distinguish your secret me-meta-node from a regular top-quality node.
  • A secret me-meta-node must conform to the norms of E2.
  • Only your own write-ups may be hard linked to which means that you are limited with respect to how many un-noded concepts you can touch on before your write-up cries out for more hard links - remember a secret me-meta-node must also conform to the norms of E2 in quality. 
  • You may skip day-log, dream log,  editor log entries and their like without penalty. There's no point getting silly about it.
  • Once your secret me-meta-node has come out this write-up can be listed in your me-meta-node (at the end). (is this write-up a "me-meta-node meta-node" or a "meta-me-meta-node"? but it is definitely a secret me-meta-node coming out node)
  • No GTKY or pointless lists etc.  Follow good E2 practices.
  • No threadless multi-subject "huh?" write-ups, the WU must have a reasonably consistent theme or subject just like any other(!)
  • a date x shall be set for coming out day when the secret me-meta-nodes shall be listed.  On that day you should put a link to the node that holds this WU at the bottom of your WU.  Extra cookies if you can fit that in with the other links of the main WU.
  • Pipe linking is not sufficient it is up to you to cover even the most challenging node title with aplomb and without losing the thread of your write-up or straying off topic (too far).


  • A pat on the back is well deserved for even trying this one
  • Entrants shall be judged on writing quality, relevance (no deviating just to get that hardlink) and percentage of included node.
  • A sliding scale shall be used to determine score that will be based on percentage of applicable write-ups included.  (as Lord Brawl says: No point in spoiling a good write-up for the few titles that just don't fit).


From 100%          Full marks
From 75%           Good Try
From 50%           Merit
From 40%           Pass Point
From 35%           Just a little more...
20% and lower      Must try harder...


Remember you only have to say the name...

Above all - Have fun

Just for fun you can always find a few level one and two noders and try to use their collection.

Professor Pi says: I'm assuming all submissions will be in the domain of fiction-writing.
I had hitherto not thought of that but: hey - nice idea.

During some early idea testing cabin fever said: "God damn...your scratch pad is invincible...thats a crazy idea..I'd like to try it, but most of my writeups are nonsense, i guess meta nonsense is possible :)"
And it seemed right that it be written down here.
People having a go
Deadline for inclusion: April 1st (passed)
Comeing out day: April 25th or there about. (Unless anyone cares otherwise)
Oh! 25th is gone... Let us say May 1st as the day!
To make matters worse I am very ill. I will take care of this when I am ablet o sit at a PC without takeing so many pills I can barely focus.

* Yes indeed mr editor dude.

Cookies to caknuck for spotting the ironic error.

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