A band made up entirely of writers. The term 'Rock Bottom Remainders' is a publishing term that refers to unsold books. The band started as an idea to raise money for charitable causes at the 1992 American Booksellers Association in Anaheim. The concept stuck. The players have changed over the years, but Dave Barry, Stephen King, and Amy Tan remain members. The Remainders have included:

  1. Dave Barry: lead guitar, vocals
  2. Tad Bartimus: Remainderette
  3. Michael Dorris: percussion
  4. Robert Fulghum: mandocello, vocals
  5. Kathi Kamen Goldmark: Remainderette
  6. Matt Groening: Critics Chorus
  7. Josh Kelly: drums
  8. Stephen King: rhythm guitar, vocals
  9. Barbara Kingsolver: keyboards, vocals
  10. Al Kooper: musical director, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  11. Greil Marcus: Critics Chorus
  12. Dave Marsh: Critics Chorus
  13. Ridley Pearson: bass guitar, vocals
  14. Jerry Peterson: saxophone
  15. Joel Selvin: Critics Chorus
  16. Amy Tan: Piano, remainderette
  17. Jimmy Vivino: keyboards, vocals

In Dave Barry's words: "We play music like Metallica writes novels."

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