The usage of the word "nuke" to describe the process of deleting a writeup is highly offensive to those who have been affected by the horrors of atomic warfare. The majority of noders are understandably US-centric, and most likely use the term casually because they have not had personal experience with this particular terror. However, put yourselves in the shoes of those related to the hundreds of thousands of Japanese killed by American atomic bombs during World War II. Put yourselves in the shoes of those crippled or deformed by the two Japanese blasts. Put yourselves in the shoes of the inhabitants of Bikini Atoll who had to leave their island as the American military transformed it into a radioactive wasteland. Put yourselves in the shoes of American soldiers exposed to radiation during atomic testing in the deserts of New Mexico. Put yourselves in the shoes of billions of third world citizens who lived for decades in fear of nuclear annihilation by superpowers they knew almost nothing about.

This is serious stuff. Your usage of the term to describe something as trivial as pushing a button on a computer is a slap in the face of those suffering people. The world lived under the threat of nuclear Armageddon for a good chunk of the last century. Is deleting a node so drastic that it requires use of such a serious word? Would you find the term funnier if it were "E2 Hiroshima request"? Might as well call it "Node Holocaust". Or perhaps the Japanese are not one of the groups protected against offensive phrases.

Why can't we use the phrase "E2 Deletion Request"? It better describes the act, and far fewer people in human history have been "deleted" than "nuked".

I won't be putting in deletion requests for nodes including the phrase (hey, this place does have a kind of free speech), but be aware that I will exercise my right to vote down those nodes, and I will encourage the gods to punish those using the term in the Chatterbox. Noders should not have to be exposed to that kind of careless speech.

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