The use of the word nodeshell to refer to a node with no writeups is highly offensive to God-fearing Christian noders. There is a heavily anti-christian sentiment here on Everything2. Or perhaps antichrist-ian, if you think about it - a charismatic leader, bringing people from around the world together under a common banner, under the guise of peace and knowlege? I'm not saying I can prove that Everything is a tool of Satan, but think about this - we refer to nodes with no writeups - nodes with no soul, if you will - as a "nodeshell".

A writeup is most definitely the soul of a node - the editors and so-called Gods of e2 go around indiscriminately annihilating the souls of these writeups created by honest, simple folk, sending them to nodes hell.

And think about this, my brothers in Christ:

E   V   E   R   Y   T   H   I   N   G     2
5   22  5   18  25  20  8   9   14  7  =  133

Clearly there is a demonic influence here! We must begin to purge this evil from E2 - As a first step, we must stop calling them "nodes hells" and start calling them "unbaptized nodes". Second, we must NOT allow the worship of the so-called gods of e2 - instead, they should be called bishops (not popes, as multiple popes (popii?) would be blasphemy) and be stripped of their XP, to remind them of Christ's humility and suffering upon the cross. Third, we must add a Scripture nodelet, to spread the Word of Jesus to all who spend time here. Good christians everywhere should not have to be exposed to this decadent, godless wickedness.

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