No matter what I did to fix him, Dman never got a damn thing right.

I cajolled, harangued, beat, tarred, feathered, pleaded, kowtowed, brown nosed, spade, neutered, eviserated, immolated, emascualated, feminized and feminazized him to no avail.

I offered knives, guns, artillery, kittens, puppies, bottle rockets, roman candles, Roman Catholicism, bingo, gambling, boats, ships, Evian and sewage all without success. He still didn't get anything right.

I told him his positions were egregious, gregarious, untenable, hilarious, unspeakable, didactic, outrageous, bombastic, pompous, self serving, unredeemable and unnerving. He didn't care.

For help I asked Saige, Yablo, Nate, baffo, MissCreant, Master Yoshi, /dev/joe, and Ophie. I asked m1a9366b, fondue and craigc. None could help nor would that they could because no matter what I did to fix him Dman never got a damn thing right.

Apparently there has been a great Dman bashing cease-fire. Fuck that, as Dman's biggest fan I will continue to bash for these reasons:
  1. It's become part of everything culture. When I first got here, it was silly nodeshell insults, but it became so much more. You can't read through e2 without thinking who is this Dman guy, and why are so many ppl pissed at him?
  2. Dman defends himself so well (when he wants to) that bashing is sometimes worth it just for the response.
  3. Dman is the Man when it comes to XP and rank. If you can't bash the Man, who's left to bash?
  4. Most importantly, I want to because it makes me happy.
More seriously though, what's wrong with the occasional intelligent (or in this case attempt at artistic) rant against someone, even if it is Dman, who BTW is the best damn noder around this place?