Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 38: Galvatron's Revenge
Original U.S. air date: March 16, 2002
Written by: Richard Epcar

Just as the Autobots are enjoying Fortress Maximus' recent victory, Galvatron gets up from the ground and quickly transforms to bat mode. He flies up to Maximus' face and begins leeching energy directly from him, while the Decepticons keep the Autobots from reaching him. Once finished, Galvatron uses his new power to create a cloud of tiny "cyberbats" which fly out and attach to the foreheads of children all over the world, immobilizing them. Omega Prime realizes he's unable to fight Galvatron while the children are in danger, and orders the Autobots to retreat into the global space bridge. Once they've done so, Galvatron blasts the space bridge tunnel open and orders Scourge and Ruination to follow the Autobots and attack them. Sky-Byte also follows, not realizing Galvatron was setting a trap.

Once the Decepticons and Autobots begin fighting inside the tunnel, Galvatron thrusts his lance into the ground and causes a nearby magma plume to burst into the tunnel. Ultra Magnus, who remained behind, tries to stop him, but Galvatron easily shrugs off his attack and knocks him back. The Decepticons are given a farewell message that the magma is their punishment for being traitors, and both teams are engulfed by the lava -- only Sky-Byte is able to escape in time. Now suffering an energy drain, and thinking the Autobots defeated, Galvatron recalls his cyberbats and frees the children. The Autobots, however, are able to fight their way free and tear through the ground to the surface again. Optimus Prime confronts Galvatron again, but Galvatron transforms to his new, indestructible griffin mode and creates an anti-gravity field that suspends his enemies in mid-air, unable to move or fight.

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Despite being the penultimate episode of the series, this wasn't one of the best, owing mainly to the fact that nearly half of the time was spent having Galvatron trade pointless threats with Optimus/Omega Prime. The writer also made a small but annoying blunder in this episode, calling both Galvatron's new phoenix and griffin modes "iron mammoth," which is a third and completely different mode only used in "Mistaken Identity."

On the other hand, we did get a dramatic demonstration of just how much Galvatron is capable of compared to Megatron, not to mention how truly nasty he can be -- he himself reprogrammed the Decepticons in the previous episode to be completely loyal once again, but that doesn't stop him from using them as pawns here in revenge.