Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 39: The Final Battle
Original U.S. air date: March 23, 2002
Written by: Tom Wyner

Continued from previous episode....

Galvatron drops the Autobots to the ground, sending Optimus Prime to the bottom of a deep crater, nearly drained of energy and unable to defend himself. When Scourge and Ruination emerge from a rock wall, having survived Galvatron's earlier attack but still unshakingly loyal to him. As they open fire on Optimus, Sky-Byte and the other Predacons emerge as well and are instructed by Galvatron to attack the other Autobots. The Predacons are easily outnumbered, but Galvatron has more than enough power to make up for it. He fires on Optimus and begins draining the last of his power from him, but the other Autobots block the beam while Ultra Magnus flies down and carries Optimus into the global space bridge.

Together, Optimus and Magnus agree to join forces one last time to defeat Galvatron. They emerge from the space bridge and form Omega Prime, then challenge Galvatron to a one-on-one battle in exchange for the other Autobots' safety. Still full of Fortress Maximus' power, Galvatron agrees and allows Prime to choose the site of their battle. Prime instructs T-AI to open space bridge tunnels between their location and the Earth"s core, then close them behind them so Galvatron can"t escape even if he wins.

Hearing this as he watches with T-AI, Koji gets an idea to help. Going online to contact as many friends as he can, he asks all the children of the world to use their computers to send power to Fortress Maximus. Once Maximus recharges using their power, he redirects it through the space bridge to Omega Prime. When it reaches him, the children's power interacts with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to create an enormous sword for Prime. Wielding it, Prime is able to drive Galvatron back and defeat him, releasing all his power and re-opening the space bridge to the surface.

Once free, Optimus contacts Koji and tells him the Autobots are ready to leave the Earth. Galvatron and the other Decepticons and Predacons have been contained aboard Fortress Maximus en route to an asteroid prison near Cybertron (escorted by Ultra Magnus), and the Autobots will be returning to Cybertron behind them. The only Transformer remaining behind is Sky-Byte, who somehow escaped the Autobots and is last seen happily swimming through the oceans alone.

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A good finale, although this series did leave a few questions unanswered. The conflict between Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus was never formally resolved, although it was clear in the Earth's core that they gained special powers from the Autobot Matrix when working together as Omega Prime. Similarly, the relationship between Magnus and the supercharged Autobot brothers was never explained. It's also a bit puzzling that Galvatron came to Earth to capture Fortress Maximus, but Maximus was apparently sent to Earth to protect it from the Predacons.

Trivia point: the sword Omega Prime used in the final battle with Galvatron was actually included in a limited, clear-plastic version of Omega Prime (God Fire Convoy) in the Japanese Car Robots line. Further, that sword was a recreation of the sword used by the Japanese version of the original Fortress Maximus, which was never included in the overseas version.

The Autobot "roll call" at the end of the episode included everybody except Ultra Magnus and, of course, Cerebros. Magnus could barely be seen standing atop Fortress Maximus as it flies through space (in its never-before-seen "battle station" mode); presumably he'll be making sure the Decepticons and Predacons stay confined after they arrive at the asteroid prison near Cybertron.

Overall, a good bang-up episode for a good bang-up series, considering that it was targetted at getting kids interested in Transformers instead of merely satisfying long-time fans of the toys. Plus it was nice to see Sky-Byte get to go free at the end, since he was never that good at being either a villain or a hero. Somehow you wound up rooting for him to come out okay no matter what he was doing.

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