An artificial planet built by the Quintessons as a manufacturing base for their line of transforming robots, made up of metal and about the size of Mars. It's density is only about that of Earth, due to the massive honeycomb structure of the planet beneath the surface. These robots they created eventually became self-aware, and ousted the Quintessons. This race, collectively known as the Transformers, split into two warring factions - the Autobots and the Decepticons.

According to Beast Machines Cybertron was once home to organic life which was transformed by Vector Sigma to become the Cybertronians (Transformers). It has green goo beneath the surface which can transform metalic technology into organic living matter. Vector Sigma aided the few remaining cybertronians, after Megatron returned, in transforming Cybertrons life into a form of technologicaly enhanced life (technorganic).

The planet of origin of the Transformers.

Also, in the Japanese series such as Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory, a pseudonym for the Autobot (and later Maximal) faction in the Transformers' war. (To lessen confusion, the planet is referred to as "Seibertron" in the Japanese shows.)

See also Destron.

In the comic book series version of the Transformers mythos, Cybertron was a lifeless asteroid near the beginning of time. The chaos god Unicron and the light god Primus battled between the real and ethereal planes. Primus was heavily weakened, and in a self-sacrificial effort, trapped his and Unicron's essences each within an asteroid. However, this action did not result in a stalemate. It was only a delay.

Unicron was able to manipulate the asteroid that bound him into a planet that could transform into a giant planet-eating biped that resembled its former self. Primus formed a planet that eventually spawned beings that would act as its line of defense. This planet would become Cybertron, and the beings would become Transformers.

Primus stayed asleep at the center of Cybertron. By sleeping, Unicron would not be able to locate Cybertron easily. Primus would awaken when the time was right and the Transformers could defend it. However, an altercation between the Decepticons and Autobots in the center of Cybertron accidentally woke up Primus, which sent Unicron heading its way prematurely.

Unicron, upon reaching Cybertron, started eating it (as any proper planet-eater would do). All Transformers set aside their differences and banded together to fight the new menace and many died. Optimus Prime, in a suicidal move, used the Creation Matrix to destroy Unicron. Although Cybertron was ravaged, the Matrix restored it to excellent condition in the series finale.

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