As shown to Lone Starr by Yogurt as part of the Spaceballs merchandise.

Except, I actually own a copy of it.

Yes, really. It is in fact a Transformers coloring/sticker book called Return to Cybertron. When Yogurt holds it up, look closely at the cover. That's Optimus Prime you see there!

The story goes that Prime is telling Sparkplug the tale of the Autobots when suddenly the Decepticons attack. All the Autobots are destroyed, and Prime awakens to find himself alone. So, by means which I cannot remember, he returns to Cybertron where the Decepticons (as in the movie) have won the war and conquered the planet. He bravely fights off Decepticon police (the cover picture shows Prime running from a police ship) but is knocked out and wakes up surrounded by the Autobots, and, (cheesiness alert) "discovers he had what humans call 'a dream'". Even as a child, I found that a bit hokey.

The book itself had nice thin paper to ensure the pictures coloured with markers one one side would bleed through and ruin the other side, as well as stickers. But not complete stickers, only parts of them. You'd get maybe Prowl's leg, or Sparkplug's hands, or Optimus's head, or a complete Starscream (in the distance]. The stickers had huge white borders and were of course coloured way better than any child could ever hope to do... giving completed pictures a very unusual appearance.

I got the book at a small toy store up on Avenue Road in Toronto, and still have it somewhere. I specifically kept it because it is Spaceballs: The Coloring Book.

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