Some Cybertronian Vocabulary for Transformers fans

Cartoon (US):
Astro-second: unit of time.
Astro-minute: unit of time.
Astro-litre: unit of volume.

Beast Wars Addendum:
Nano-klik: 1 Nano-klik = approximately 1/10th of an Earth second.
Klik: 1 Klik = approximately 1 Earth second.
Cycle: 1 Cycle = approximately 1 Earth minute.
Mega-cycle 1 Mega-cycle = approximately 1 Earth hour.
Stasis Lock: roughly analogous to unconsciousness, coma, or possibly even death. At the very least, the Transformer is unable to transform.

Comic (US):
Breem: 1 Breem = approximately 8.3 Earth minutes. (from US issue #17)
Empty: A Transformer roughly analogous to a human "bum".
Orn: 1 Orn = 1 Cybertronian lunar day.
Vorn: 1 Vorn = approximately 83 Earth years. (also from US issue #17)

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