"Pen Ultimate" was the name of Boston Low's handheld organizer (sort of like a futuristic Palm Pilot, I suppose) in Lucasarts' somewhat popular computer game The Dig. It even had a cool little "Lunar Lander" game on it.

The problem was, I played The Dig when I was about 11 years old (or so) and had never heard the real usage of the word. Now, whenever I hear someone say "penultimate" (which isn't really all that often...) I think "Okay, so why are they talking about The D- oh, right. Yeah."

Pe*nul"ti*mate (?), a.

Last but one; as, the penultimate syllable, the last syllable but one of a word.


© Webster 1913.

Pe*nul"ti*mate, n.

The penult.


© Webster 1913.

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