briefly, for otherwise i may forget..

slept until about noon, then had some toast and went into town to sort the email on mum's office computer. went home with dad at 5.30, watched tv, had dinner, and headed out to the uni to the GUU's beer bar, where they were handing out free beer (woo!). Met up with some people I'd never seen before, including a guy and a girl who were really into each other, yet both had SO's.. we went to see a few bands playing, including Britney Spears and Abba tributes - also really good. Sam (who reminds me of Ali, it's wierd) decreed that we must eat chips, so we located the nearest chippie and then ate them on the way back to Jacqueline's flat, to where she was retiring, because she had to be up for church in the morning. (bah.) During our travels, we met a gorilla, Bart Simpson, and a very drunk George from Rainbow, who sang and hugged me. We also debated how a bra could be unfastened, through a t-shirt, with just one hand. Apparently it's possible. We then headed over to the QMU for cheesy pop, where I lost the people I was with, but found my cousin Al, and had a good time for three hours. I will be back next friday! :)

Got a taxi home - £6.50, d'oh, and had an odd conversation with the driver about vacuum cleaners. I need to find someone who lives nearby to share taxis with..

it's 4am on October 1, 2000. I need sleep