Princes Street, Edinburgh. Soundtrack: Lust for Life, Iggy Pop Legs run along the pavement. They are martin's.
Just behind him is the number 3 bus. He is belting along.
As he travels, various objects threaten to fall from his backpack.
It's 12.31, and the bus to Glasgow should have left a minute ago.

Thankfully, he gets to St Andrew's Square and the Citylink 900 is still at the stance, and he can get home in time.

She'd been trying to persuade me for a while, but my friend Lucy finally convinced me to come through to Edinburgh for a night out there. So, yesterday I stuffed a sleeping bag in my backpack, put on some smartish clothes, and jumped on a bus to the East Coast.

As I discovered when I had been working at PC World in Edinburgh, the McDonald's next door has an unbeliveably cute McDonald's Girl working in it. I stopped by to see her, but she wasn't there. So, I decided not to bother with the Chicken McNuggets (which were two for the price of one), and tried to find Pollock Halls instead. Not so easy, since I was actually on the other side of town. However, two buses later, and I made it to Lucy's place.

We got a curry from somewhere nearby and ate it in the kitchen, then went out along with her boyfriend Chris, and one of her friends from halls.

First stop was the Frankensten Bar, which was really cool, but also really packed. We managed to nab three seats for the four of us, which wasn't exactly all that great (since I drew the short straw). So we left for a club after one drink, and ended up at Gaia, because it was cheap. It started getting busy at 11-ish, but not really with many students. Still, we had a pretty good time, and left at 2.

Not a lot happened this morning... I woke up early-ish, mainly due to the rather hard floor. Not like I expected anything else, of course. We eventually left the room at noon, and I managed to miss most of the buses into town - one eventually turned up after 20 minutes, but I was in a bit of a panic when it got to the Waverley Steps just after the bus to Glasgow was supposed to have left. Then, once I got to Glasgow, dad gave me a lift home, I ate a sandwich on the way there, and immediately had to go out again for a two hour driving lesson.

Oh, and I did nothing for the rest of the day.