Apparently one of the 'safer' foods you can buy in McDonald's; according to friends who've worked there, you're not allowed to fry the nuggets without at least a few months' experience working there (this is in Ireland, at least). This might slightly lessen the chance of contracting something from any undercooked food prepared by less experienced workers. On the other hand, it might not.

I spent several years working at McDonalds, (in high school). There was no rule about people having to be experienced to make the McNuggets. In a matter of fact it was usually the second thing you would learn, (the first was toasting buns). The Mc Nuggets simply went in a fryer with a preset timer, it was almost impossible to mess them up.

There is however a dark secret about Chicken McNuggets. You know those little packages of sauce that come with them. Well they actually cost more than the nuggets do. In 1994, (the last time I dealt with them), the McNuggets cost the McDonalds that I worked for just over 4 cents each, (in bulk of course). The sauces however cost right at 6 cents each. Yet for some reason you had to pay for the nuggets, but you would get the sauce for free. Today I have found that many McDonalds restaurants have started charging extra if you want more than one thing of nugget sauce.

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