I spent several years working at McDonalds, (in high school). There was no rule about people having to be experienced to make the McNuggets. In a matter of fact it was usually the second thing you would learn, (the first was toasting buns). The Mc Nuggets simply went in a fryer with a preset timer, it was almost impossible to mess them up.

There is however a dark secret about Chicken McNuggets. You know those little packages of sauce that come with them. Well they actually cost more than the nuggets do. In 1994, (the last time I dealt with them), the McNuggets cost the McDonalds that I worked for just over 4 cents each, (in bulk of course). The sauces however cost right at 6 cents each. Yet for some reason you had to pay for the nuggets, but you would get the sauce for free. Today I have found that many McDonalds restaurants have started charging extra if you want more than one thing of nugget sauce.