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I woke up still feeling tired - physically - which was why I'd hadn't stayed out late last night.

About a month ago (on a night out which I've been meaning to node), I was drunk, and for some reason decided to shell out six quid on a ticket to an American Football game in the NFL Europe League. The ticket price also included a pregame pub crawl on the Party Bus, but I didn't quite feel like that when I got up.

After a bit of swithering, I decided to stay home, have some lunch, and then join my friends later for the game at Hampden.

As well as being my first American Football match, it was my first trip to the National Stadium, and it is an impressive structure. There had been a lot of controvery over its funding, but it is a great arena.

I'd managed to miss out on the pre-game fun at Lesser Hampden, which was emptying by the time I got there. But I did find the people I knew, and the people they were with - assorted other people who'd brought tickets, and the Glasgow University Pussycats cheerleading squad.

The game itself was rather dull - I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. What I did know was that there were seven cheerleaders directly between our part of the stadium and the field of play, who started dancing whenever the ball wasn't being chucked around. Also around on the field were a live broadcast crew from Fox Sports, a single betacam camera recording for Sky Sports, and someone with about £35k of equipment - including a steadicam rig and some wireless broadcast gear - whose job, it seemed, was to transmit pictures of the cheerleaders to the big screen.

At half time, (before Deacon Blue did the half time show), we headed down to a local pub for a few hours. Then onto the party bus and into town - a chartered double decker, with good dance music playing loud, some cheerleaders dancing in the aisle, and people pouring vodka and red bull straight into our mouths. Nice.

I just went to one other place - a trendy bar in town - before heading home, fearing that the contents of my stomach wouldn't stay intact unless I did so. Graham had to leave around then to get a bus too, which just left Geoff. And he doesn't really know where he ended up, and called me on Sunday to ask if I knew. A wee bit too much to drink, methinks...