I'm posting this partly because I need to remind myself for when, in two weeks, I will have the first opportunity to show someone my city in the three years I have lived here. Since everyone I care to know is in VA, MD, PA, or out of the country, getting someone down here is quite a chore.

The second reason is that I'm sure there are some local noders here and am interested in any corrections/additions they may have as fellow NO locals. Keep in mind that I live in the Marigny and that I'm avoiding Bourbon Street at most costs.

Dragon's Den : A Thai Restaurant with a small stage upstairs for open mic poetry nights on Thursdays. Decorated in red light, low tables, oversized mirrors, a mannequin covered in Christmas tree lights, and probably two inches of grime on the walls (never seen it in the day).

Top Of The Mart : Rotating bar at the top of the trade center overlooking the Mississippi River. Also decorated in red, horribly cheesy , but a neat way to waste an hour spinning slowly around the city and about $20 in overpriced booze .

St. Joe's Tavern : I think this is the name of it, uptown on Magazine Street . Decorated in antique crosses in front, with a beautiful patio dressed in Chinese paper lanterns.

The Red Room : Hmm...seeing a pattern here. Uh, a big round room lounge all decorated in red. Hosts a neat swing night on Mondays. See the perfect orange.

I don't want to exclusively take him to bars, but I like the ambiance of these places. I do want to walk around the Warehouse District and view the window-friendly art, as well as just cruising the French Quarter. Strolling lends itself to creative motivation around here.

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