The "Stoned in the Cemetary" Tour starts March 30, 2001, on the West Coast, and features Twiztid and the Kottonmouth Kings as co-headliners. The Kottonmouth Kings are the main act on the West Coast and Twiztid runs the show on the East Coast. Corporate Avenger and Blaze Ya Dead Homie are the announced opening acts for this tour. Twiztid and the Kottonmouth Kings have previously appeared together on "Pumpkin Carvers" with Twiztid labelmates Insane Clown Posse (ICP), a track released at Hallowicked '99 that refers to carving the inside of a head out and using it as a Jack O' Lantern. Both bands have toured with ICP several times, and fans of one band often are fans of the other two.

Blaze stills tours as an opening act for Twiztid, even though he left their label, Psychopathic Records. He has appeared on several of their tracks, including "Hound Dogs" (w/ICP), "Where Itz Going Down" (w/the Three 6 Mafia), and the Hallowicked 2000 song (w/Blaze), which was unnamed.

Corporate Avenger often tours with KMK, and has appeared on several of the tracks on "Royal Highness", the most notable of which are "Peace Not Greed" and "All the People".
Update 3/29/01: This tour was canceled due to Twiztid wanting a huge effects show, and the Kottonmouth Kings not wanting to throw down on it.

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