We've seen Rambo, we've seen Terminator, we've seen heads chopped off, bullets shot through them, chunks taken out of them. Violence goes with TV in America.

While I'm all for the cool gore special FX, why is it that I've seen such disgusting things, and not once have I seen full-on nudity on broadcast TV?... or even basic Cable services. Its absolutely amazing...

To even see tits, you have to go to a premium service. That's right, The Sci-Fi Channel censors all of their movies... They even took the word holy shit, and dubbed "Gosh" over it, in Back to the Future 3. Its ironic though, that you can still see your everyday (in the TV world) gore on the channel. What are these censors thinking?

Enter the premium services. You can see such documentaries as "Real Sex", and softcore porno, like Red Shoe Diaries... But you won't see penetration... No, actual, real sex, That's only allowed on the Spice channel.

Look back at movies... Gore is fine.. Gunplay is fine.. Pubic hair, no matter what the situation... That's an immediate R Rating. Its no wonder we have incarcerated so many people.. Look where our priorities are. Glorify violence, and vilify sex.

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