Miller High Life is not only the Champagne of Beers (also referred to as the Champagne of Bottled Beers), it is also the sponsor to the 2004 Western Outdoor News Bass Tour!


The High Life is known for its rich golden color and fizzy uplifting spirit. It is the oldest brand in the Miller line-up, having been introduced way back in 1903.

With such a rich heritage it has become synonymous with the blue-collar, resourceful, down-to-earth beer-drinker and American culture in general, immortalized by its television adverts declaring good old man-habits--such as boiled hotdogs on white bread smothered in ketchup and yellow mustard--to be a harbinger of "Living the High Life." This unique style of advertising serves a refreshing cold one compared to the glitzy and over-ambitious portrayal found in most beer commercials.

So everybody join hands, start a love train, grab a cold one and celebrate the 100th birthday (December 30, 2003) of the champagne of da beers! for in this humble beer-drinker's opinion, when you are drinkin' the high life, you are drinkin one of if not the best bottled American beers for the price (as well as a cherished piece of American Heritage) and a portion of World Culture!

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