Vodka is the title of a card game, although no record of it seems to exist on the Internet. I will reproduce it in all its word-of-mouth glory here. I believe it's also called 'baseball'.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt four face-down cards. They don't get to look at them. The top card of the deck is placed into a discard pile, and the rest of the deck is placed next to it. The object of the game is to have the total value of your facedown cards be six or less, where cards are valued thusly:

Non-face cards are worth the number displayed on them.
Aces, therefore, are worth one point.
Jacks are worth three points.
Queens are worth two points.
Kings are worth zero points.

Players take turns by moving one of their face-down cards. They can exchange it for either the top card of the discard pile (which remains face-down afterwards) or the top card of the deck. The old card is then placed on top of the discard pile.

At any time, a player may slap the table (or the floor), at which point the game is over. All players turn over their face up cards. If the slapper's total points exceed six, they lose. Otherwise, the player with the higher total loses.

That's it! Now that the game is on paper (digitally), it will naturally spread to engulf the entire world.

Afterword: RoguePoet informs me that he is familiar with a version of this game called "King's Corners", where each player can look at their first two cards, but the other two remain unknown.