Whisky is from Scotland and Whiskey is from Eire (Ireland). Most American Whiskey is Irish, but most English people prefer Whisky.

The big difference between Scotch and Irish single malt whisky is the distilling phase which is made twice with scotch and three times with Irish. This gives each other special taste and noticeable lightness with Irish one.

Also the way how malts are dried is different. Scotch is dried with smoke which logically gives the usual scotch aroma to whisky. Irish is dried with pure air and therefore there is not any kind of smoke flavour.

A malt spirit much drank in Ireland and Scotland; also a one-horse chaise. See TIM WHISKY.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

Whis"key, Whis"ky, n.; pl. Whiskeys (#) or Whiskies. [See Whisk, v. t. & n.]

A light carriage built for rapid motion; -- called also tim-whiskey.


© Webster 1913.

Whis"ky, Whis"key (?), n. [Ir. or Gael. uisge water (perhaps akin to E. wash, water) in uisgebeatha whiskey, properly, water of life. Cf. Usquebaugh.]

An intoxicating liquor distilled from grain, potatoes, etc., especially in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. In the United States, whisky is generally distilled from maize, rye, or wheat, but in Scotland and Ireland it is often made from malted barley.

Bourbon whisky, corn whisky made in Bourbon County, Kentucky. -- Crooked whisky. See under Crooked. -- Whisky Jack Zool., the Canada jay (Perisoreus Canadensis). It is noted for its fearless and familiar habits when it frequents the camps of lumbermen in the winter season. Its color is dull grayish blue, lighter beneath. Called also moose bird.


© Webster 1913.

Whisky, or Whiskey, Ring . (U. S. Hist.)

A conspiracy of distillers and government officials during the administration of President Grant to defraud the government of the excise taxes. The frauds were detected in 1875 through the efforts of the Secretary of the Treasury. B. H. Bristow, and most of the offenders were convicted.


© Webster 1913

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