A single malt whisky from the Speyside region in Scotland.

This particular whisky is distinct from most in the way that it is labelled for its year of distillation rather than it's year of bottling. It is not bottled purely by age as most whiskys are, so that you might always find a 15 year old variety on the shelf. Rather it is bottled when thought mature and sold as aged between initial distillation and bottling, the age normally ranging from 12 to 15 years. Most often though it is found in 15, 18 and 21 year old varieties called Knockando, Knockando Slow Matured (18-20 years) and Knockando Extra Old (21 to 25 years) respectively. The older variety being very pricey if available.

It's strong in flavor but smooth, not as peaty tasting as many but not as bland as most of the more southern or Irish whiskeys.

The name Knockando comes from the Gaelic Cnoc-an-dhu meaning Small Black Hill. This is the name of the village in Scotland where the Knockando distillery started life.

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