Barbie was originally a German sex toy during the 30s and 40s. I am sure that at one time there was indeed a prostitute Barbie doll, and a stripper Barbie doll.

If Barbie was a real person, well... those proportions just don't work for a healthy person. 7' tall, 40" bust, 22" waist, and 36" hips. But hey... its a doll. GI Joe would have 40" biceps if he was resized to human portions. Can't blame only Barbie for out of proportions. There are very few dolls or play figurines for any gender that have the correct bodily proportions.

Play toys help form the values for children. Does anyone remember the outrage that happened when a talking Barbie said "Math is hard"? To have a new Barbie that advocated and endorsed the "You must be 18 to buy this toy" would outrage people of all religions and probably some atheists too, not just Christianity.

Christians in other countries have a different culture than those in America. America has a rather puritanical history which continues to influence our society. Things that are not acceptable in the United States are quite acceptable in other societies, Christian or otherwise. Amsterdam is well known for its society, which is still largely Christian. Las Vegas sits right next to Utah with a very strong Christian heritage.

America is rather (yes, I say rather - not the most) progressive when it comes to women's rights and the acceptability of various professions that a woman may take. Feel free to compare the job opportunities of American women to those in Africa, Japan, South America, and the Middle East.

How is it that Christians are deciding what is right for people to see? South Park is a wonderful success - Christians certainly aren't deciding that you can or can't see that. They have tried, they have failed. Given the way our country is, they have every right to try - and I still have every right to go watch.

It is every parents dream, regardless of religion for their children to grow up and be successful. Success can be judged in many ways. Some people attach an ethics clause on success.

As parents, it is the responsibility to bring up children and impress upon them a value system. It is perfectly reasonable for the children to establish their own value system when they can take responsibility for their own actions. Until you can make your own decisions and take responsibility for them, the parents value system is better than nothing at all.

Parents try to make their children live their dreams. Everyone does it. It is a hard thing to loose a dream.