Kitty Fun Barbie is a toy that fills the enormous, gaping void that exists in the lives of children who aren't fortunate enough to have a real litter box full of cat urine to play with.

The package includes Barbie (Blond, Brunette, and African American versions available), her suspiciously sheep-like cat Marshmallow, a working water bottle, brushes, food cans, three packages of colored kitty litter, a paper box of pretend kitty litter, and a plastic scoop for cleaning the litter box. Marshmallow can be fed with the water bottle and, with the help of a little squeeze, "do her thing" in the litter box. Then, Barbie gets to scoop the "pretend" urine out of the litter box! Hours of fun!

There's something extremely perverse about this toy and the children who would play with it. I mean, when I was a kid, one of my GI Joes came with a dog as a companion (anyone remember the name of the dog, or the guy who came with the dog?), but never in my mock battles did I call a time out with Cobra so that Wolfie could go sniffing around trees, raise his plastic leg, and mark his territory with a stream of "pretend" urine.

Kids these days...

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