i sat in a red roof inn in Fort Wayne, IN, with 3 good friends: two had driven up from their home in bloomington, IN, with their beagle-shelty; the third had sat in the passenger seat whilst i drove down from MI. Fort Wayne was in the middle.

adjacent to our hotel was a "showgirls I" establishment, apparently first in a series of II and III stripper bars (we saw the III, and the little shuttle bus that went between them (ferrying strippers or patrons? who can say?)). there were an astonishing number of such joints in the vicinity. or maybe i just lead a sheltered life here under the eaves of the university of michigan.

we played, among others, the very clever pipe game, parts unknown (both of cheapass games (the domain name is as you would expect)), cosmic encounter (anyone in this sector play? please please please?), and durak (a russian card game i learnt whilst there). we ate stale-ish doughnoughts. we had indian food that gave me hiccups but i didn't think were nearly spicy enough. we waxed absurd.

we never turned on the tv in the room.