From: The Thorough Good Cook

Soups: 18. Old-Fashioned Pea Soup

The foundation of this capital and thoroughly English (and sea-going) soup is the stock, otherwise use liquor in which a knuckle of veal or leg of mutton or pork has been boiled. But pork liquor is the best; and by all means, if possible, add to your stock, a ham-bone. You should let the stock get quite cold and perfectly clarified. Taste it, and if too salty, add a little water. If you find it too weak, from the savoury point of view, boil down in it any bones you may have in the house, or a bit of neck or shin of beef. So soon as this liquor boils; add your split peas in the proportion of one pint of peas to one quart of stock. Then simmer, and pulp the whole through a colander. Having done this, simmer for a full hour with the ordinary soup vegetables. Then strain again. Serve with dried mint finely powdered and handed round separately. The seasoning (pepper and salt) should be very moderate.

(This recepie has been censored by Benjamin Lewis for racism)

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