There are many geographical "local" versions of Monopoly. I have in my possession a Hong Kong version, with local streetnames in both Chinese and English, and with a double set of cards, one in each language.

There are also many special versions, including a Star Wars Monopoly - and let me tell you, there's nothing like actually owning Tatooine to make you feel like a Hutt.

During the 1950s, a very similar game was produced in Denmark, called Matador (in Danish, matador is the equivalent of "tycoon"). It is still being produced today, and has so many similarities that the term knock-off is completely justified. Even so, it's a nice game. It was so popular in Denmark, in fact, that it took decades for the real Monopoly to break into the Danish market. Today, Monopoly is being sold in Denmark under the English name, to avoid confusion with the copy.

Oh yes, and the Danish phrase which completely corresponds in meaning to the phrase "Monopoly money" is Matadorpenge - "Matador money". And yes, there's an equivalent Matador-related phrase for "hotel on Mayfair", namely hotel på Rådhuspladsen - "hotel on the Town Hall Square".