Like coffy, swimming is one of the few activities that I am able to do and do well. (My proficiency at sex I will leave to the judgment of others). And, I agree with that technique is vital to the enjoyment of this sport and I have also in the past felt like a champion amongst the crowds. There are a few points, however, that I would like to highlight about this sport. Looking at these points carefully, I am certain that you will agree that swimming is simply the best activity you can commit to on a regular basis and as I will prove, an almost bearable alternate to sex.

First and foremost, as pictureUsee mentioned, swimming is damn good exercise. It is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can give your body and one of two forms of exercise that utilize the all the major muscle groups (cross-country skiing is the other). If you compare your resting heart rate to that of a regular swimmer, especially one of the formerly competitive variety, you might be in for a shock. The average resting heart rate is 75-80 beats per minute. Your swimmer friend’s heart rate might be as low as 40! Lastly, swimmers have hot bods. I’m serious, swimmers as a whole, are an incredibly sexy bunch because of the nature of the sport which works out all the muscles and does not overdevelop any one part of the body. Take for example, speed skaters, whose lower bodies are generally much more muscular and bulky than their upper bodies.

Male swimmers look good in Speedos.

Swimming is, in my experience, much akin to meditation. The breathing is very controlled and regulated and the movements are repetitive. This enables the swimmer to develop incredible concentration. A friend once mentioned that the reason he found running so relaxing was because he didn’t think about anything other than the motion of his body. In the same way, a swimmer can focus on the body and on the body alone, leaving behind various worries of the dry world behind. The enforced repetition of movements stabilizes concentration. Furthermore, unlike land sports of any kind, the swimmer has the advantage of being un-interuptable. All the chaotic sounds of world are deafened by the flow of the water and there is little to distract the senses in the average swimming pool. Other than other swimmers, there is usually little to look at.

One can utilize the above arguments for many other forms of physical activity, but there is one feature, one bonus that swimming provides that no other sport can lay claim to: continuous full body massage. I first discovered this fact while snorkeling topless. The sensation of the warm water of the Andaman sea, gently caressing my breasts as I slowly swam about was overwhelming. Since I had never before allowed them such a freedom as to have direct contact with water, the feeling was completely foreign and new and wonderful. When I returned to Canada, and to the public pool where such lascivious behaviour is not permitted, I was shocked to realize how much this experience had changed my relationship to swimming. Previously, I had always concentrated on my breathing, on reaching further, on propelling my body a little faster. Now, I focused my attention on my body as a whole, on the sensation of the water on my skin and wow wee, it felt great!

Try this the next you are swimming. Swim a couple of laps the way you normally would and concentrate on your technique. Then try to focus on your arm or your leg or any other limb. Just feel the water on that part of your body. Eventually, move your thoughts to your entire body and try not to think about the actions or the motions. Just think skin…how does it feel? Think of the water as a giant masseuse You will be amazed at how incredible the sensations are, and, dare I say, almost orgasmic?