Masters swimming is a set of organized swim classes or workouts for adults. Many swimming pools, especially at university recreation centers, offer masters swim classes. People join for fitness, recreation, and even to prepare for competetive swimming meets.

During a session, which typically lasts 90 minutes, the class is divided into lanes by approximate speed and ability. The instructor or coach then gives the day's workout which is similar for the lanes, but with varying degree of difficulty. A typical workout might consist of a warm-up set, a drill set, an interval set, and a cool-down set; although some workouts focus on distance and endurance. Sometimes they will videotape you and give you tips to improve your stroke. Also there is an occasional fun workout where the instructor will create a crazy relay race, e.g. one lap wearing clothes, another backstroke while spitting water in the air, another with carrying a brick, etc.

In the U.S. masters swim classes are run under the auspices of the United States Masters Swimming organization. (

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