Multi-lingual Everything would be nice, but functionally impossible. Now, I know nothing about coding or programming, but I do know a thing or two about translating, and it ain't easy. I think we all know that automatic translators like Babelfish generally go for literal meanings, and the semantics of language- any language- are generally left stranded at the roadside. Unless you have a generous number of professional translators, who really know the nuances of the languages they are working in, and who put in uncountable man-hours, truly multi-lingual Everything is a pipe dream.

I'm not saying people should only node in English, not at all. Node in French, node in Spanish, node in British, node in Mandarin, node in Martian, just node. But as anyone who is bilingual will tell you, there are few exact translations. Language is as much culture as it is grammar, and until we can all immerse ourselves in different cultures and languages to the depth of true fluency, no matter how good a translation is, it will fail.