Don't say I never did nothing for you guys...
found on #divinewarez... I present life.cpp:

/* life.cpp
   last revised: I B.C.
   by God
   released under version 1.0 of the DPL (Divine Public License) */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "divine_word.h"
#include "life.h"
//#include "meaning.h"  // weird.  it will not compile cleanly with this here.
                        // oh well.  implement in version 2

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    Species s;
    Gender g;
    Name n;
    NigglingBits nb;
    int sp;

    divine_word::parseArgs(argc, *argv[], *s, *g, *n ,*nb, *sp);

    sp = salloc()  // pointer to the soul

    life::Being(sp, g, n, nb, *s)  // constructor for Being
    life::Being.childhood;    // whee!
    life::Being.adolescence;  // angst.  lots of angst.
    life::Being.adulthood;    // doin' the 9 to 5
    life::Being.senescence;   // kid!  get me my Depends, for chrissakes!
    life::~Being(life::deathMethod[rand() * MAXINT]);
     // destructor.  note that there are 32767 ways to die, in a 16-bit universe.
     // deallocation of the soul occurs here.

    exit(0);                  // that's all.  nothing to see here.

    // nota bene: hopefully there have been no soul leaks.
    // remember to debug this with ElectricFence Purgatorio