math.h is the header file for the mathematical component of the C standard library. It contains the following constant and function declarations.

symbolic constant for a positive double expression

double acos(double x)
arc cosine of x in the range [0,π] radians

double asin(double x)
arc sine of x in the range [-π/2,+π/2] radians

double atan(double x)
arc tangent of x in the range [-π/2,+π/2] radians

double atan2(double y, double x)
arc tangent of y/x in the range [-π,+π] radians

double cos(double x)
cosine of x

double sin(double x)
sine of x

double tan(double x)
tangent of x

double cosh(double x)
hyperbolic cosine of x

double sinh(double x)
hyperbolic sine of x

double tanh(double x)
hyperbolic tangent of x

double exp(double x)

double frexp(double value, int *exp)
returns a double x such that value = x2*exp where *exp is the integral power of 2 from breaking down value

double ldexp

double log(double x)
natural logarithm of x

double log10(double x)
base-10 logarithm of x

double modf(double x, double *iptr)
stores integral part of x in *iptr and returns fractional part of x

double pow(double x, double y)

double sqrt(double x)
square root of x

double ceil(double x)
smallest integral value not less than x

double fabs(double x)
absolute value of x

double floor(double x)
largest integral value not grater than x

double fmod(double x, double y)
remainder of x/y

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