Using your dog's name as a password is a Bad Thing. Everybody knows what they are doing is wrong, but they just can't help themselves. To guard against the possibility of such weak security, name your dog "Password", because you couldn't possibly have such a losing password as that, could you?

Naming your dog "password" has other advantages:

  • If your dog runs away, you can wander around the neighborhood saying "I've lost my Password... has anybody seen it?"
  • If your dog pisses on your rug or chews your furniture or something Bad, and you're talking to a friend later on, you can randomly say "I hate my password!" When they try to take a reasonable approach and say "Why don't you just change it?", call them an inhumane monster!
  • You can begin stories by saying "This morning, I was playing with my password, and you'll never believe what happened!" (or something along those lines). Sure, people will catch on eventually, but it'll sound pretty crazy at first.

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