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Beginning January 7, 2007 00:00:00 E2 Server Time
Ending February 4, 2007 00:00:00 E2 Server Time

No histories. No encyclopediac entries. For nodegel material, please observe E2's general house rules and mix the complete description of a personal sentiment with a degree of informative juice i.e. "knowledge" you think might be useful to a designer. If you feel it's a daylog type post, post it as a daylog. If you're having trouble thinking of a suitable title or place for your writeup, contact me or an editor. Love the scratchpad. Now, read on.

People change. It’s natural. The spaces in which we live can also change. However, since this process is unnatural to a Westernised dwelling, change becomes a costly thing to deal with. We build our homes thinking in the long-term – Walls are not considered to be expendable. Property is an investment, after all.

This quest invites you to talk about the extent to which your home/s have accommodated you throughout your life so far. However, this quest is more than walls. You can write about anything from your house’s proximity to the sea to your pets to your kitchen hob. Just make sure the crisis of change is addressed in some way. You could be moving from motel to motel or changing house every six years. Some annex, split, re-join and re-split. They borrow from the natural process of mitosis. You could be making amends to what you’ve got. Write about it. The world needs to know.

When did your home help you function at full efficiency? When did it become a barrier? Have you ever been driven to tears by your situation in an apartment?

Is your home tailored around your needs to the extent you believe noone else in the world could re-occupy your space?

Ever lived in someone else’s home for a year?

When you moved out – what did you miss?

How has your approach to or perception of a particular space in your home changed over the passage of time?

How did you child-proof your house?

Has you house ever felt too empty? Or, too full?

Ever lived somewhere which did not feel like home? Ever had trouble adjusting your home to a new lifestyle?

Can you see your home in ten years? Can you see yourself in ten years, for that matter?

Tell us about when you anticipated change, and when you didn't.

Feel free to write about one particular home product or appliance - I'm sure that there are a lot more beautiful sentiments to be expressed about our floors, the kitchen sink and the washing machine.


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Here are a few more thoughts…

Ever watched someone move out?

What was it like when you finally knocked down that wall?

Home is a cage to some, a fortress to others.

How much space would you need to ‘pack’ your home? Got too much junk?

Has the location of your phone moved over time?

What about the tv you never use anymore?

watching mother make dinner

The day grandmother came over and could not climb the stairs

Why did you buy your sofa bed?

the sacred bathroom

What about that small space under the stairs?

What did you use that extra bedroom for before she moved in and used it as her studio?

Thank you for getting this far. Now the fun part: Besides the usual god-given blessings, I might, just might, be able push your essays, poetry or snippets of them, towards a publication. I’m not promising anything however it will be easier once the essays are in. In this case I promise that appropriate kudos will be given to the site and the writers. Show me post-Quest stuff. They won't qualify but I would like to hear about them anyway. I will pipelink. You will too.

At the service of this quest: the lovely grundy, the fiery SharQ, the not-so-n00bish The Debutante, the palatable DejaMorgana, our bright spark Dimmie

addendum (02.10.2007) Blessings for E2 Quest: More Than Walls

Everyone who submitted earned 2 xp per vote and 5xp per ching. A special congratulations is in order to liveforever, shaogo and kanoodle who each earned 7 chings on one of their submissions.

Ed's note:
kanoodle 210xp
liveforever 100xp
milk 31xp
shaogo 274xp
borgo 80xp
etouffee 61xp
Rai_Tai 36xp
Dimview 65xp
just1wheat 107xp
IWhoSawTheFace 66xp I knew he was the devil

In addition

kanoodle and shaogo get homenode pic priviledges for 1 month and 2 months respectively
shaogo can ching 2 w/u extra for a week - (actually 14 extra chings - grundoon)
just1wheat, liveforever and kanoodle can ching 1 w/u extra for a week (7 extra chings - grundoon)
Well done!