- from The Book of Yelps and Growls

Once upon a time there was a boat packed full of the elderly and infirm, and it sailed under a sky teeming with winged tigers.
All the fat grandmothers and all the bald grandfathers and all the diseased cripples would point at the sky -

"Look, look, the tigers have caught the moon!”
“And see how her pregnancy is bursting into stars and they gobble these up as well?"

Even with their spent eyes they could see this.

One day the tigers came down onto the boat and imposed themselves on its sick-bed. They marched the passengers round and round the deck under the hot sun until the old dried moaners collapsed, buried in their own wrinkles and bandages.
The people deserved this of course, for they were weak-kneed and weak-bladdered, and they were prostitutes and dogs with their emotions.

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