Argh! Netscape had a major hiccup issue when I was halfway through a witty, intelligent daylog, but unfortunately you'll get this.

Pretty boring day, basically thanks to Software Engineering I, which was just as I expected, sadly. Had a ball during that folding and bending paper, not origami -I only know how to make a paper bird, but I guess I'll get much better if I attend all classes. Also discussed sewing in class with my mates... I think it would really be weird. Maybe I'll try it.

On a better subject, I got my train pass for this season, which means I get unlimited travel on a pretty extensive area (for a big lump of money, about 220$ for nine months or so), which means I won't have to worry with tickets for a long time.

A friend of mine called to tell me that tomorrow will be Necrocon time, which is an rpg convention made by a local club, Necronomicon. I use to have a good time there, so if I convince some mates, I'll think I'll be over there this weekend.

Some good movie was showing tonight on TV, oh, yes Stealing Beauty and Forrest Gump... I'll probably watch Liv Tyler...

Good night, kisses, take care and ciao