Racist, sexist, slanderous, homophobic, unprofessional, sensationalist and information-free "newspaper" that would print things that would make Hitler feel a bit uncomfortable if they thought there was money in it. The dead-eyed, hate-filled pieces of crusty, tapeworm-laden shit that prolong their worthless lives by writing for this paper gleefully fabricate stories to portray anybody with the slightest conscience or capability for rational thought as being some kind of satanic deviant. (Students? Workshy hypocrites! Foreigners? Untrustworthy criminals! Homosexuals? Murderous paedophiles!)

It tries to pretend it isn't a tabloid, nobody knows why, as the empty headed sheep who buy it would probably still do so if it had typhoid-infected razorblades glued to each page. Everyone I've ever seen reading this paper looked miserable. With the exception of my Gran, who reads it 'cos she doesn't know any better, hinting that at one dim and distant time, the paper actually contained some news.

The Mail is a large contributor to the common opinion that all journalists are scum, and newspapers are increasingly becoming an embarrassing anacronism.

The Daily Mail is always morally outraged. It’s the paper that wants to turn back the clock to the “good old days”.

Founded in 1896, it was originally a broadsheet newspaper. In 1971 it was downsized to the smaller tabloid format in recognition of its audience. According to the Mail’s own website, it is:

“A family paper with strong female readership, it has won many awards for editorial flair, outstanding reporting, design and print quality.”

I would prefer to say that it’s Euroskeptic, conservative, nationalist and whinging. It’s mainly read by grumpy looking female fourtysomethings. It’s the paper that’s always last to get it and first to moan.

It’s published by Associated Newspapers Limited. This company also produces the London Evening Standard and the London Underground’s free newspaper The Metro.

Daily British newspaper, published by Associated Newspapers Ltd., which in turn is owned by the Daily Mail & General Trust plc. The paper was originally founded by Lord Northcliffe in 1896, and was redesigned into its current format (faux-broadsheet, quasi-tabloid...) in 1971. The paper had a readership of approximately 5 million, with approximately 6 million reading the Saturday edition. It is, by its own description, 'A family paper with strong female readership' (and suspicious grammar).
The right-wing attitude of this British newspaper, has already been made perfectly clear on this node. However, many of you will now be thinking, 'well, there's a lot of people prepared to write fascist propaganda for a living, it doesn't necessarily make them evil, it's just their job...'

And I've got a lot of sympathy with this view, since we all end up doing jobs that we hate at some point or another.

Many people at the The Daily Mail, however, whole-heartedly believe in their nationalistic little editorials. Sorry, I realise that nodes should try not to be subjective, and I honestly do my best to appear unbiased, but, having met the Editor of this particular publication (a Mr. Paul Dacre), I feel I can speak based on facts.

We met at a student debate concerning the legalisation of cannabis (he was, unsuprisingly, against the idea...). Having lived in Holland for most of my life, I felt I could make a meaningful contribution to the debate, and pointed out that, as with all things, taken in moderation, cannabis is not a major problem. So long as people are not stoned 24 hours a day, everyone could just get along fine.

Or so I thought...

At this point, the above mentionned gentleman pointed me out within the crowd, burst into a long tirade concerning my personal responsibility for the current appalling state of Britain, and explained that if there were less people like me about, the world would generally be a better place.

Needless to say, I took his advice, and no longer live in Britain. I'll be back when the Daily Mail, and all its readers, calm down a little.

Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ , http://www.cultsock.ndirect.co.uk/MUHome/cshtml/media/mediaown.html , a debate at the Durham University Union Society.

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