Braindead little Nazi and alledged journalist, whose racist, sexist, homophobic, ultra-right-wing paranoid delusions are printed regularly in The Sun 'newspaper'. Whereas you might expect a writer with such abhorrent views to occasionally mention them while mainly writing about something with a point, Littlejohn eschews this method. Seemingly every action he has ever taken in his entire career has revolved around slagging off gays and foreigners. He's even written a novel (To Hell In a Handcart*) based entirely around bandwagon-jumping, hateful Tory propaganda (the extract I saw - lovingly describing a violent racist fantasy under the flag of 'satire' - would have made Goebbels wince at its heavy-handedness).

He even had a talkshow on Sky at one point (I can only assume he's blackmailing Rupert Murdoch). On one episode (a clip from which Channel 4 occasionally dredge up) Michael Winner watches the host "interview" (i.e. insult) some lesbian guests and then calmly calls him a complete arsehole. He's not wrong.

Littlejohn is a worthless oxygen thief who tries to make a living from preying on the weak-minded. In fact he's worse than that - he is someone so profoundly insecure that they have to project their bigotted little worldview as some kind of spurious "voice of the working class". Oh, and he looks like a weasel.

I am only aware of this idiot thanks to the bloke who lives next door to me being a particularly clueless Tory muppet.

*Do not, I repeat, do not go to bookshops carrying this book and slip cuttings from TV Go Home (6th April 2001 or 16th June 2000) into copies. No, really don't.

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