Charlie Brooker has made an interesting and successful career out of a small selection of obscenely biological jokes. He is a journalist/cartoonist best known for his website "TV Go Home". He also has a personal site at where you can view some of his excessively puerile comics.

Charlton Brooker drew comics at university and published his own small comic called SuperKaylo, which was very much in the style of Viz. He also had some strips published in dire Viz-wannabe comic Zit. His best cartoons however were the long-running Here's Toby series used to advertise Computer Exchange in games magazines (you can see a selection on his site). These strips were popular with one mag who carried them - PC Zone - and they hired him to draw cartoons (notably the excellent CyberTwats), and later to review games.

Unfortunately, Brooker was a very bad and easily-lead game reviewer, prone to showering praise on indifferent PC games (such as Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII) and packing his reviews with crude and leaden toilet humour. This chapter in his career was swiftly cut short when PC Zone had the misfortune to publish a cartoon by him ("Dr. Helmut Werstler's Cruelty Zoo") depicting children gruesomely killing animals. This cartoon managed to get the magazine withdrawn from sale at WHSmith and Brooker soon stopped writing for the mag.

Currently he is finding success with the TV Go Home concept, which has the potential to be sold to magazines and newspapers (I think Loaded carries it in fact). He has also appeared on the credits of The 11 O'Clock Show, and is very sketchily rumoured to be collaborating with Chris Morris on a TV project.

Brooker's humour is probably best demonstrated in his longer cartoon strips. Much of his work tries too hard to be surreal or shocking and very quickly becomes repetitive. It can very loosely be described as satire, but is certainly not in the same league as Chris Morris's work (which isn't satire either, as such, but is genius). Still, he hates Chris Evans and Richard Littlejohn, so his heart's in the right place.

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