Went to breakfast with my team this morning - an event which further proved the profound lameness of the division that I'm in and those in ostensible charge. At the last minute they had me check if the restaurant took AmEx, and if they were open. One of us is leaving for a different job w/i the company, so they make a last minute plan for breakfast but can't even get their act together enough to see if they take AmEx until 10 minutes beforehand. With almost everything that happens, I think "This is the pinnacle of lameness," but no. They keep hitting new highs.

The guy who is leaving gave me a tiny, stuffed Guy Smiley. I told him "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen."

Aside from that, I went with a friend to look at something in surf wear store. There was a guy in a long beige coat, long brown hair that hadn't seen a shower in a few days, and pants rolled up a few times at the cuff. He was making an ass of himself talking to this stupid little blonde girl with bad teeth. He told her that they (the girls) were in the "yuppie" crowd or something, that he didn't move in those circles. He asked her what year she was (sophomore) and what she was going to do for the rest of the day (errands). Then they all left but I saw him pass in front of the store again with some other guy, just spazzing over the whole thing. He was a fucking idiot, but I like watching guys watch girls. They think that they're invisible. I'd rather not see them obliterate their dignity, but that happens as well.

My David Eggers book came in the mail: 'A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.' Buy it. Buy one for everyone you know.