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  • I took the baby / cat home and it lived in my closet. Then I realized that she wasn't the one - there was another one they had needed me to adopt more. The baby wasn't born yet but it was almost time. I had seen what the baby would look like (before it was born they kept it in a hanging cage) and I was instantly in love and in tears. I ran through the barrio looking for a midwife, sobbing.

  • Princess Di living in Indianapolis

  • She was my friend but she would be my death. She didn't understand what she could do to time. I ran away from her in the airport, sobbing, trying to get out of her sight. One of us would surely kill the other. All they had to do was be there, to see us changing time, and it would be over. I thought I had come to terms with the fact that they might kill me , but I was terrified every time I came close.
  • An elevator, with a friend. We wanted to go down, but it went up, all the way up through to the roof. When it got to the roof it flipped over the pulley it was on, turning us upside-down. Now the elevator was inverted and we were going down the secondary, down shaft. Parts of the elevator were not going with us. We wanted off. It brought us back to the top and put us on this conveyor belt, which began to rush us towards the edge of the building. We were on the roof mind you. Spilled over the edge into a busy street we had to recover from the fall and run in order to avoid the bicycle race that was rolling towards us.

    I was playing soccer - something I haven't done in years. And this little kid was covering me. The thing is, we hated each other for no readily apparent reason. This didn't stop us from saying some really awful things to each other. I know there was more to this dream, but I don't remember the rest....

      I was trying to check my email on a tiny casio digital watch. It was very difficult.

      Then, I bought a white motorcycle. I think it was a Honda. I had the hardest time trying to drive it because the steering was reversed- when you'd steer left, it would go right and vice versa.

      My watch told me that I inherited something from someone in California, but I couldnt read the letters because the screen was too small.

      A girl kept trying to tell me something. She was in California too. IRC on my casio watch was hurting my ears. I kept trying to tell her to email me later, but she couldn't hear me.

    I was invited to read poetry at the beginning of the concert, which I did, even though only a handful of people were there and mostly weren't paying attention.

    Then I took a breather outside while the band engaged in the eternal activity of setting up. Somehow I got from here at night to sunny Rockies-temperate-rainforestness in some sort of SUV driven by Pukesick, who was driving recklessly on backroads and saying how he did it specifically to provoke cops, which seemed commonsense enough but the dozens and dozens of cop cars we passed, swerved around and performed Blues Brothers-esque manoevers around didn't seem to take much note or care.

    Eventually one caught us in the corner of their eye and engaged in pursuit though slippy wood-chippy forest paths. We ditched the gas-guzzler and took our mountain bikes off the rack and took off using those. We shook Smokey but I took a tumble, falling to the soft spongy ground and dashing my new glasses to bits, which rendered me greatly distraught, because the warrantee was overdue. Birch comforted me and told me a story Jessicapierce had told him about a little girl who discovered that enough teary-eyedness and sincere trauma would result in replacement and reinstatement by kindly glassescraftsmen, especially once they heard the tale of how it was broken, as optometrists and police are natural enemies.

    So I was back on-stage, the main band was finished, and I was told that they had a gap between this set and the next band, and that the organizers liked my poetry performance this time around and wanted me to go on again, even if it was the same stuff, to distract the crowd.

    Life is good.

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