(factgirl) You say it's your birthday (bamamamamamamama) It's my birthday too, yeah.....

I am not yet 30. Today I still have a cold and have taken DayQuil, which makes me feel a bit woozy. My man brought me roses, took me out to lunch, and is taking me out for sushi tonight. Aside from that, I've bought a network card, did laundry, talked to my mom, and got my CCDP certificate in the mail then called Cisco because they had my name slightly incorrect (again). This is the third call, and I've spoken to James each time. He complains that I'm giving him too much work.

The rather misleading DayQuil may bring me down, though, because drinking coffee to try and negate the woozy feeling doesn't seem to help...so the sushi thing may not happen. We had teriyaki and miso at home

Last night I finished American Gods, which I thought was very good. I wouldn't stop reading until I just passed out, a couple nights in a row.

I just brought out my field glasses to spy on a tiny spider making its way across the ceiling, while on my back on the floor. Maybe it's the meds.